The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is the largest commitment in history by any nation to combat a single disease.

PEPFAR, originally introduced in 2003 by then-President George W. Bush, remains the largest commitment in history by any nation to combat a single disease. In 2008, PEPFAR was reauthorized for  $48 billion over five years (2009 to 2013), with the goals of preventing 12 million new infections; treating 3 million people living with AIDS and caring for 12 million people, including 5 million orphans and vulnerable children.     

The Reauthorization Act  seeks to transition the U.S. response from an emergency approach to a focus on sustainability, including health system strengthening and partnership building.  The legislation allows the program to serve as a platform for expanded responses to a broader range of global health needs.  The Act also supports the availability and accessibility of female condoms.  

Summary and full text of the 2008 global AIDS law

Global Health Initiative

In 2009, President Obama announced the Global Health Initiative (GHI), a new approach to global health that focuses on addressing critical concerns including family planning, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and neglected tropical diseases. The GHI provides a framework to guide U.S. policy on global health issues for the near and extended future. As a cornerstone of the GHI, PEPFAR will work closely with other U.S. government programs working to build efficiency and effectiveness of national health systems and to strengthen their ability to meet the variety of health needs individuals face, including HIV-related needs. The GHI calls for a woman- and girl-centered approach to particularly focus on improving health outcomes for them and their communities. PEPFAR has also expressed commitment to this approach, embracing the idea that the marginalization of women negatively affects women’s access to health care and the protection of their health and rights.

Government Agencies

Several U.S. government agencies play a role in the U.S. response to global HIV/AIDS.

Budget & Spending

PEPFAR funding is determined by the Congressional budget process.

Congressional Hearings

Because PEPFAR is an initiative of the U.S. federal government, congressional hearings are a regular part of PEPFAR's implementation.

PEPFAR's Past 2003-2008

PEPFAR was launched in 2003 by President George W. Bush to combat global HIV/AIDS, and remains the largest commitment in history by any nation to combat a single disease.